Does Your Web Hosting Provider Affect Website SEO in Australia?

Does Your Web Hosting Provider Affect Website SEO in Australia?

Google takes up to 92 percent of the search market. As such, you have to be on the good books of Google for them to place you on their search results first page. One thing that will affect how you rank is your web host – your business needs to be functional with a reliable web host. If you choose the wrong host, even with the best virtual private servers Australia, your website will be down most of the time.

Google emphasizes on the reliability of your website when ranking you. This means that, your business needs to be up 99.9 percent of the time. If a web hosting provider cannot guarantee an uptime of 99 percent, even if they offer the best VPS plans, you should reconsider using their services.

Since 2010, Google has considered page loading speeds when ranking keywords. An ecommerce site needs to load in two seconds. According to Google, a site that loads fast offers the best user experience. While the loading speed of your web pages is not reliant on your host alone, having a reliable provider will let your website handle the latest technologies with ease.

Another way that your web hosting Australia can affect SEO is through the location of their servers. The closer the servers are to your visitors, the faster the loading speeds – this is especially important when your website handles heavy traffic. If your business operates internationally and you need dedicated servers, choose a hosting provider with servers in different parts of the world.

Besides ensuring that the web hosting provider will not affect SEO, ensure that the provider offers the best customer support, and they have different plans, such as VPS Australia, that will let you scale your business up.

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